Famous Thinkers

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, New Deal, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Famous Thinkers
Roxanne Serna
July 30, 2012
Trisha Mc Aloon

Famous Thinkers
Throughout time, there have been many successful people in the world. Famous people with great minds to create new things that would change history itself. In today’s world, the two famous thinkers that have been chosen for this paper truly created a new nation for us. Through persuasion, creative thinking, through their assumptions, that would prove later to be the best possible outcome. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., famous for his “I had a dream” speech, Franklin D. Roosevelt was famous for creating a better nation during the, “Great Depression”. These two people truly had a great and creative mind to have come up with the ideas that they had. That one day those ideas that they had would change our great nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was famous for his “I had a dream” speech, which was given in 1963 during the ‘Freedom Walk in Detroit” (Brown, 2012). He was a contributor to pushing the Civil Rights Act, in which, Dr. Martin Luther King attended the signing ceremony of the bill in 1964 (Burro Jr., 2002). He was a person who believed in freedom of all people regardless of race or color of their skin. He was passionate about what he believed in and used god as a tool to guide him through the road that he walked. Martin Luther King Jr., not only a spiritual man but also one that would leave a legacy in history. During the time that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to fight the great fight of segregation he was also arrested may times. The arrests were because of not have a permit to demonstrate. Even with these obstacles he was able to continue with his fight for freedom. He overcame these obstacles by being resourceful and learning what he needed to do in order to continue on with his hard work that he had been putting in for the rights and freedom of the people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s., goal was for freedom for the people to have a right to...
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