Famous or Not.

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Cameron Baisden

Julius Caesar

January 9

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Julius Caesar was one of the greatest and most important leaders of ancient Rome. Although before ruling Rome, Caesar was many things, such as a general and a dictator. His early career began when Sulla had taken control over Rome after winning the Battle of Collin Gate. She gave him the position of dictator then took away his position along with his wife’s dowry, inheritance, and his priesthood. Julius moved far away from Sulla and joined the Roman Legion. While serving he won the Civic Crown for heroism at the Siege of Mytilene. Shortly after Caesar was captured by pirates, he killed them all as he promised. Rome was so proud they first elected him as military tribune, then in 69 B.C. he was elected as Qaestor.

In 62 B.C. Julius was elected Praetor, where he supported a man named Mettelus Celer. Caesar and Celer became so disruptive they were both kicked out of office. Although Caesar was reinstated shortly after he quelled a public demonstration. He was given the job Governer of Hispania, however, he needed to satisfy in creditors before he could take up his post, but he was in debt. In exchange for political support, one of the wealthiest man in Rome named Marcus Licinius, helped pay off some of his debt. To prevent prosecutions for the rest of his unpaid debts Julius left the office before his term limit was over. While in Spain he did conquer the Callaici and the Lusitani. He was hailed as Imperator for his victories by the Legions. Caesar was entitled to the honour of a Triumph after his return to Rome. After he had also tried to run for Consul, but wasn’t able to do both. They prohibited him to the choice of either ascending him to the pinnacle of Roman politics or entering Rome as a general. .

At the age of eighteen, queen Cleopatra ruled Egypt in 51 B.C. She had co-ruled for years with her father , but after his death he stated in his will she could take over as long as she married her younger brother Ptolemy XIII. The will was approved by Pompey the Great in Rome. Cleopatra ruled alone because Ptolemy was still yet underage. While he was still under the council of Pothinus , he had a plan to dethrone his sister and rule alone. Cleopatra left Egypt and headed off to Syria. Ptolemy and Polythemis eventually beheaded Pompey and hoped to win over Caesar with it, but in their surprise he was upset with it and had an appropriate burial for Pompey.

Cleopatra had known Caesar when she was younger for her father’s exile in Rome 58-55 B.C. When they met again Caesar had her brought to him while only clothed with a rug. She seduced him and won his affection. Pothinus was killed and Caesar had her reinstated. Ptolemy was still plotting something with Cleopatra’s other sister, Arsino IV. Caesar went to put a stop to it and Ptolemy drowned crossing the Nile, and Arsino ran to Asia Minor. This left Cleopatra to marry her other younger brother Ptolemy XIV.

Ceaser and Cleopatra went on a two month cruise on the Nile, where they soon became lovers. They eventually had child together in 47 B.C., named Caesarion. This was Caesar’s only living child scince his daughter from a past wife , named Julia, died giving child birth, like her mother, a couple years before Caesarion was born. Caesarion and Cleopatra had stayed in a palace Caesar had built for them, until he was killed in 44 B.C. As their son being the rightful heir, she tried to get him recognition. When all failed she returned to Alexandria with her son by her side.

So Caesar just about held every important title in ancient Rome in his lifetime, including tribune of...
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