Famous Athletes

Topics: Natalie Portman, Academy Award, Morris Day Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Everyone always dreams of being rich. However, not everyone can make it come true. Then, they believe that life is so unfair to them and tend to envy people who can earn millions of dollars every year such as famous athletes or entertainers as well as think that these people don’t deserve such high salaries. In my opinion, I think they do as these following reasons. The first one is they’ve made extra efforts in their training on the way towards the top. No one becomes famous at the time they were born. Sometimes we see them appear many times on TV or the Internet and the world acknowledges their talent, we may think that they are too lucky. But we really don’t know that what we call “lucky” is created by themselves. Behind their brilliant achievements, there are always perspiration, tear and a long string of failures. For example, Natalie Portman had had to wake up at 5pm, gone through 8 hours of ballet training each day for 6 months and lost 20 pounds before she won the Academy Award for Best Actress the movie “Black Swan”. The second one is they have to pay a heavy price before they’re paid high salaries. Most of them started their training when they were little. They not only studied at school but also practiced following a rigorous regime. As a result, they didn’t have time to play and spend with friends and family. Therefore, they lose their childhood. When they become famous little by little, journalists, reporters and paparazzi will concentrate more on their daily life. They will no longer be freedom to do whatever they want. It means they lose their privacy. The last one is their salaries are legitimate coins. Like many people, they use their talent and efforts to earn money. Moreover, they have dedicated a lot to the sports and art field of their own countries with noble titles and medals. Therefore, high salaries can be seen as a reward for all their efforts. In brief, I think that famous athletes and entertainers deserve such high salaries because...
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