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Stock Market Project

Yovani Zerapio
Economics 1A
Mr. Holtry

Zerapio, Yovani
Economics 1A
Mr. Holtry

Stock Market Project
The goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution is known as a stock. A stock can also be known as an ownership share in a corporation. Stocks are usually traded on exchanges all over the world. A way that a company raises money is that it divides itself and sells to pieces to investors. Each little piece is a stock and they make a lot of profit from it.

A stock market is a place where investors trade certificates that indicate partial ownership in businesses for a set price. Also a stock market is a market that shares are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. The company divides its ownership which is known as shares. They use these shares to sells to investors in the stock market and make their profit like that. Many people also exchange their shares to investors. They also use stocks for payments, if they have borrowed money, to pay them off.

The stock market goes way back into time first arising over 200 years ago in the colonies as companies and the government started selling shares and bonds in order to raise capital. In 1972, the first stock exchange was created in New York called the New York Stock Exchange. A group of local businessmen and investors agreed to meet each day and trade stock, and which grew until now in the New York Stock Exchange. Many other stock exchanges grew over time as well. Now many of these stock exchanges drive America’s economy today.
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