Famous All over Town

Topics: English-language films, Family, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: September 30, 2012
The book I would recommend for students to read next year is Famous All over Town. This book deals with many issues that teens go through. The story tells of a boy name Chato who reached many crossroads in his life he deals with many problems such as being abused, molested, and arrested. Chato also deals with moving into a new neighborhood being Mexican and growing up in a Mexican culture and not knowing anything about the American culture he had to adapt to the new lifestyle of living. This was very hard for him because he was very shy and really kept to himself and didn’t really have any friends. Making friends in Chato’s neighborhood would be difficult he lived in a neighborhood that had gangs and a lot of other violence and since he was of a Hispanic background he may have been bullied. But as time go on Chato meets a friend which benefited him. There was a time when Chato and his friend got drunk and he experienced that for the first time and also arrested. Although making friends is a good thing this also teaches you a lesson to pick your friends wisely because they have a very strong influence on you as a teen. As the story goings on it tells how Chato and his family goes through many problems. I know few little families who don’t go through family issues I can relate to Chato family in a way because Chato family loved him very much and without family you have nothing. His family almost falling apart hurts him very much I can relate to this because my family is kind of falling apart but we are still strong. When Chato has a bellyache his dad thought he was faking and told him to suck it up of course that’s no way a parent should treat their child in that manner. But Chato overcame this and he became stronger from every obstacle had to face.
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