Famous 20th Century Modern Furniture Timeline 1990-1999

Topics: World War II, Chairs, Furniture Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Famous 20th Century Modern Furniture Timeline 1990-1999

This was a period of prolific 20th Century furniture design work. Designers like Le corbusier and Charlotte Perriand were using tubular steel - the new material of the time to create iconic wonders like the chaise longue, whilst Marcel Breuer was creating his famous Wassily Chair - said to have come up with his bent tubular steel concept for this chair while looking at the handle bars of his bicycle. Browse through the timeline and compare the work of the designers and see how their designs have stood the test of time and can well sit in any living room of a modern home today.

This was a great time for timber furniture, the use of molded plywood and laminated timber creating fantastic organic pieces of modern furniture by Alvar Aalto in the Cantilevered Chair no. 31, the Paimio Chair and the Serving Cart. Cantilevering was popular, Gerrit Rietveld's Zig Zag chair with it's simple harsh angular visual aspect but complex in construction and design in comparison to Aalto's Cantilevered Chair no. 31which was more curveceous and organic in form and made using laminated plywood steam bent. Interesting to compare furniture designers of the same period using similar materials with quite dramatically different outcomes in design.

Things are starting to hot up in the 20th Century Furniture arena during this period between 1940 - 1949 Eero Saarinen addressed the need for comfort with his Womb Chair, engulfing the sitting person and hugging them. The Eameses started making their molded plywood timber furniture a good example of this is the LCM chair it was an easily mass produced low cost item of furniture, and this form of mass production was one of the areas of design that Charles and Ray Eames focused on.

After World War II, the public as a whole looked to warmer and softer furniture, organic forms, warmer products like timber and upholstered chairs. They...
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