Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Family Tree Essay
By: Alessia Pisciotta

My name is Alessia Pisciotta, I’m a 13 year old American-Italian girl and my family is from Palermo, Sicily. Sicily is an island apart of Italy; it’s near the tip of the boot. It has mountains everywhere and little towns here and there. It is also home of Mt.Etna. In Italy there is a warmer climate, mostly agricultural and has smaller towns. The story of my family immigrating by boat to America started with my mom’s parents coming with her in 1966 when she was 3 years old… My mom’s name is Francesca Boncimino. My mom’s family came for a work related oppurtunity. When they first came they lived in none other than Brooklyn, NY. They came because they had heard great things about the U.S. They could’ve stayed in Italy but decided to come to America. The people that came from my moms side was her father (named gaspare), mother (named santina), and her. My Grandparents had to unfortunately leave my mother’s sister in Italy because my mom’s grandma wouldn’t let my grandma take her. When they arrived in America they felt confident and liked it immediately, they hadn’t expected what they saw. At the time, they thought it was a good idea. When they arrived, my grandma went to work in a factory and my grandpa went to work with an Import/Export industry. The reason they came here was not because of money problems or work issues like the immigrants in the 1800’s. The family that stayed behind felt really bad and missed my grandparents and my mom dearly. But every now and then they would write letters to each other seeing as how they couldn’t make international calls back then without spending a ton of money. Of course at times my grandparents would regret coming to America sometimes. In U.S, they made more money than they did in Italy and it was more productive but there was more familiarity in Italy. The story of my dad’s side is very short, his name is Francesco Pisciotta. He grew up with the food...
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