Family Violence

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Family Violence

Domestic violence occures when one person causes physical harm to their partner in a relationship , the main purpose for abuser is to gain and maintain control over the victim. Each day a women is beaten every second, over 5 million people get slap at least times at least in a day. In Canada the aboriginal communities is way affected by the violence, it is growing everyday more and more in these communities, many women under the age of 35 are greatly going through domestic violence, getting raped , abuse verbally. In Canada over 79% of the violent incident include aboriginal women. Aboriginal women are more likely to state that they are been a victim of such act. More likely to say that during the time when they were abuse they were severly injure. Aboriginal women do claim not report the incident to the police because they believe it a a personal and private matter that should be handle privatly. Not only aboriginal women were likely than non aboriginal women to give a spoken or written account of the experiences of violences and injury in a abusive relationships. They also report other form of abuse they were going through during the relationship and that include emotial and financial abuse. Aboriginal women report that they are call names that make them feel they are worthless and really not good for nothing, not useful. They have their partner that don’t really give them any space he wants to know where they are at all times, having their partner being over controlling not letting them talk to any one male or female. Their partner limit the amount of communication they can even have with members of their own family and relatif if they don’t their partner damage their cellular or seize their property, they are kept away from knowing the exact amount the income of the family is , and most of time can not have acces to it. Most aboriginal victim said they are generally satisfied with the physical and mental torment, because that the only thing they have grow and learn to accept. Domestic violent is a long standing problem in Canada as well as other part of the world. Each day the practice of scienc on domestic violence against women get more horrifying. A female is beaten every five second by her partner. Thirty five percent of the hospital emergency cases are women beaten mercylessly by their partner. In Canada we have 2000 case reporte every year, report show that ten our fitten have been into abusive relationship.

My friend though she was really lucky and has found the one she will be with forever , everything was going fine , but the guy always had this trust issues , he always wanted her to be under him , do as he says without her not trying to argue. One fathful morning she woke up and realise that her boyfriend was not beside her , infact he sneak out at night to go out. She called his phone ,he pick up and started yelling at her without even letting her ask where he was. She was worried that something had happening to him but he did not see it that way. Once he got home he started slapping her, pushing her in the face, telling her she should never intefere in his privacy again. She toke the blame and apologize for it , she felt it was her fault , maybe if she had not call his phone to ask where and what he was doing, he wouldn’t have gotten mad and hit her out of anger. The next day he came and went on his knees with flower and a promise ring. She was happy very happy infact, she forgive him everything he ever did to hurt her. Not too long after that they went out to celebrate but it turn out sour, they got into a huge argument he hit in the face , kick her on the street , went after her on the street beat her mercylessly drag her inside the house and had sex with her by force without considering the fact that she was in pain from the beaten , he put a pillow on her face and had sex with her without her consent, she was hurting , the next day she toke a flight from ottawa to regina. The 19...
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