Family Values Essay

Topics: Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana: The Movie Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Hannah Montana is a sitcom that shows a Teenage superstar with down-to-earth Family Values. Hannah Montana, the television series, demonstrates the complications of attempting to maintain established family values, while being a teenage girl who has become famous and wealthy. Miley Stewart, also known as Hannah Montana, is repetitively attempting to balance her Tennessee, down-to-earth family values with the temptations of financial and celebrity success and how that reproduces greed. In the sense of a worldview, Hanna Montana mirrors a similar worldview to my own, by making an attempt never to hurt others and striving to replicate a solid awareness of right and wrong. In the sitcom, the characters of the family are made up of a nontraditional situation. It is made up of Hannah Montana’s single father, two best friends and her goofy brother. Although Hannah Montana may be thought as a low budget series founded on a spoiled teenage girl with a lot of fame, at the end of each show, Miley always comes back to her solid family values of doing what is right. After viewing several shows, I have come to the conclusion that Hannah Montana has a positive influence in regards to a down-to-earth set of family values. It is important to illustrate typical teenage struggles in a television series, so that our youth can relate to that actor. This series shows the character as a ethical person that suggest the best values that our nation can have. In the show, Hannah Montana, she is a young teenager who happens to be a celebratory. Her fame and money are constantly a challenge her ethical foundation with materialism, that her grounded father is always guiding her to do the right thing even if she does not see why she should do them at first. In todays culture, the perception of family and family values have turned out to be someone’s personal choice and not the typical choice to follow It is inspirational for a television show to echo my personal explanation of a...
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