Family Trip

Topics: Grocery store, The Road, Road Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Coffman 1
Jennifer Coffman
Mrs. Collins
Freshman English I
20 February 2012
“Our family vacation in Idaho.”
The most memorable vacation ever, was our family trip to Idaho two years ago. We were excited for weeks leading up to our departure from the Memphis International Airport. This was my husbands’ first time to fly. When the day finally came, he was extremely nervous, about the flight. I remember him telling me his stomach was in knots; he must have said I love you 25 times that day. The girls laughed at him all day, because they had flown in the past and knew there was nothing to be nervous about. I told him, that once we were in the air, looking down over the city would be absolutely beautiful. As we boarded the plane we could see the anticipation and excitement built up on his face. We settled into our seats, got our girls settled in, and away we went. From the air the buildings, roadways, and homes looked like a live monopoly board. My husband seemed to calm down and started to enjoy his first flying experience. He and I chatted throughout the flight about how gorgeous everything was from the blue skies. After a few hours and a hectic plane change, we made our much awaited decent in to the great city of Spokane, Washington. When we left Memphis, Tennessee, the temperature was a comfortable 45 degrees on December 19th. As we made our bumpy landing on the runway, the co-pilot announced that it was in the mere teens and the city was mostly snow covered.

Coffman 2
We were extremely excited to see my parents which we had not seen in a year. Our family greeted each other with open arms and a few happy tears. My parents hurried to baggage claim ready to load us up and make the snowy ride to Priest River, Idaho. Throughout the drive from Spokane to Priest River, everything was covered in the prettiest, shiny, white snow we had ever seen. The road conditions were so different from what we are accustomed to in the south. The...
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