Family Therapy Approaches

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  • Published : July 3, 2011
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Family Therapy Approaches That I Prefer
John Mack
May 3, 2011
Professor Linda Hand, MFT

Family Therapy Approaches That I Prefer
Family is the most important facet of human life. So when a family needs help it is important that the family’s therapist employs a style of therapy that the therapist believes in and has absolute confidence when using. I believe that the theoretical approaches utilized by a therapist must match the way the therapist handles his/her own issues in life. That is why I will be using a combination of cognitive behavioral, narrative, and solution-focused therapy in my future endeavors with troubled families.

As I have progressed through my academic program my style of counseling has taken form. The first piece of my personal theoretical style will include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for families. I trust CBT as a useful tool for family therapy because CBT has worked for me. Throughout life I have been called a thinker and a rationalist. I have personally used techniques such as cognitive rehearsal and modeling which do involve thinking through a problem and rationalizing the reality of the situation. I have used cognitive rehearsal with myself using self-talk and the process has been very effective in preparing me to face the same problem when it arises again. Another effective technique that has been effective for me through self-talk is disruption of irrational beliefs. Some other powerful techniques that I have used and found effective are charting, journaling, and modeling.

CBT is a powerful therapeutic style but there are a couple of shortcomings that will prevent me from solely using cognitive behavior therapy for families. Sometimes CBT can seem mechanistic, sterile, or even impersonal. CBT is also short-term in nature and therapy cannot be discontinued before the families desired goals are achieved or at least on the correct path for healing. Nevertheless, CBT is extremely powerful when used...
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