Family Therapy

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  • Published: October 20, 2013
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Family Therapy is very important in many families and homes for several reasons. Family therapy helps many families with communication issues and it helps to resolve major family conflicts. Family therapy also assists family members become able to relate to one another in a positive way. Family therapy also helps families going through traumatic events such deaths, divorces, and major illnesses. Family therapy can involve certain members of the family or the entire immediate family. Family therapy services are offered in several different settings.

Introduction into Family Therapy
After studying psychology for a semester, I’ve learned that there are many different types of psychology that physiologist use to diagnose, evaluate, and understand their patients. Family Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that concentrates on families and couples in close relations, in confidences of bringing positive change and growth. Family therapy has several goals, the most common goal is to help families understand how their family functions work. The second goal is to detect the strengths and weaknesses within the family unit. Another common goal is to improve communication skills within the family system and help everyone communicate and understand each individual’s emotions. Family therapy treats many different types of conditions and disorders that develop within the family. Martial problems are the most common conditions treated within the family unit. The effects of a family illness when a family member becomes sick with a disease. Many teenagers and parents go to family therapy for teenager-parent conflicts and solutions for rebellious teenagers. Family Therapy is also used to help families cope with difficult ordeals. Some of the difficult ordeal and situations families deal with in family therapy are sudden tragic deaths of a family member....
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