Family: Social Change

Topics: Sociology, Institution, Explanation Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Danyetta Hill
SOC 101
Yvette Morelon

Sociological theories can be used to explain how things work in an institution. The social institution that I choose to discuss is family. I choose family because, I believe this social institution has a strong impact on an individual. The three theories that I will use in this paper are functionalism theory, conflict theory, and social interactions theory. I will explain how each of the theories apply to, affects views of the individual, affect the approach to social change, and affect the views of society in this institution. How do functionalism, conflict, and interactionism apply to the family institution? Functionalism theory believes that family is a positive institution. Functionalism theory applies to family institution through the support that bonds the family together. Through support families can bond together. The theory of conflict applies to family institution because family members go through conflicts. Family are not perfect, there will be some problems within the family. Brothers and sisters get into fights with one another, as while as husband and wife. Interactionism theory applies that concepts such as the family institution have an interaction between one another. This focus on how the family interacts with family member and other people. Different families have different symbols which has different meanings. Holidays are an example of a symbol between families because not all families share the same beliefs. All three of these theories apply to the family institution in some kind of way. How functionalism, conflict, and interactionism do affects views of the individual in a family institution. Functionalism believes that society makes an individual, which makes society more important than the individual who resides in that society. This means that if the society is poor than the person is poor. “The ills of the black community on female-headed households,...
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