Family Relationships

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  • Published : July 30, 2011
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Thesis: Family relationships are central to human existence, health, and happiness. This is also an important unit of social structure and it often faces challenges. Conflict is inevitable. Communication is a key to resolving conflict.

I. Discuss family relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Millard. a) The relationship failure between husband and wife in ‘The story of An Hour’ b) Impact on marriage and sexual relationship between husband and wife.

II. Analyze relationship between James and his mother.
a) Communication between James and his mother in story ‘Responsibility’ b) Adult challenges and difference in values.

III. Conclusion
a) Solution for relationship conflict.
b) Family relationship in 21st century

Family relationships are central to human existence, health, and happiness. The family is an important unit of social structure. All relationships require negotiations, compromise and sharing. Learning to manage conflict and resolve disagreements are important skills for healthy relationships. In the story called, “ The story of An Hour,” by Kate Chopin talks about a lot of disbelief that Mrs. Mallard was about to face. This story also reveals a deep secret that Mrs. Mallard has been hiding for years. Chopin offers Mrs. Mallard’s strange story to reveal the troubles that are natural in the custom of marriage. There are various ways in which people may feel about their loved ones and might not even have the chance to speak of how they feel. Many people of all different ages, sexes, and cultures would react dissimilarly to the astonishing portrayal of the Mallards' marriage. Marriage often causes the two differences between people that make them unable to communicate with each other. The Mallard's marriage was crippled by both their inability to talk to one another and Mrs. Mallard's confidence that her marriage was just a "powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe...
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