Family Problems / Family Violence: Disrupted and Reconstituted Families

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Violence against women Pages: 14 (3674 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Graduate School of Management
2nd Trimester 2011-2012

Administrative Problems of Development
DPM – 703

Family Problems / Family Violence: Disrupted and Reconstituted Families

Ivy M. Boca

Dr. Celso D. Benologa

* Types of Family
* Family Structure/ Composition
* Disrupted Family
Causes of Family Disruption
1. Death of Parents
2. Abandonment
3. Filipino Diaspora /Migratory Work
4. Divorce
* Reconstituted Family
* Family Violence
* Types of Abuse
* Statistics / Prevalence of Domestic Violence
* Trends of Violence
* Philippine Laws Protecting Women and Children

Family as defined is the basic social unit which exists in all societies. It provides important support for the individual in society. That it caters for the physical, effective and emotional needs of the individual. That expectedly it provides the individual with social and educational support. The family is also responsible for rearing and protecting children. It is the basic unit of socialization and cultural transmission, since children acquire their fundamental values and attitudes from their families. Indeed, it is the social cell in which human beings are born, and where they learn to become members of a wider human society.

However, the family is also where many interpersonal conflicts occur, problems develop, and individuals suffer. All families have difficulties from time to time. Some families have resources to solve their problems while others do not. When a family is no longer able to deal with its problems, and cannot provide the basic physical, security, effective and emotional needs of its members, we call this kind of family ‘dysfunctional’. Where disrupted and reconstituted families are discussed and there are many reasons why a family becomes disrupted or reconstituted. Among others, they are alcoholism, drug addiction, physical illness, death, war, poverty, unemployment, mental illness, spouse abuse, child abuse, divorce and separation, and polygamy.

This paper aims at cultivating our knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts related to family life. That as we discuss the importance of the family, we also note the problems that may prevent the successful functioning of the family locally and globally.

*  Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place. * The 1973 Constitution, mentions that the State “shall strengthen the family as a basic social institution.” * Is the oldest form of institution in the history of mankind. It plays a significant role in the personality development and socialization of the child at different developmental stages. * Fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.


1. Nuclear Family - is made up of the father, mother and children living together under one roof. 2. Extended family is made up of all members of a nuclear family, plus the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and/or cousins, all living together as one family.


Polygamous Family- In some parts of the world, such as in Muslim countries and some African countries, men are allowed to have more than one wife. 2. Single-Parent Family - Is headed by one parent, usually the mother. 3. Step Family - Also known as a reconstituted or blended family. 4. Adoptive Family - Some children are adopted by their relatives. 5. Foster Family - Some children are placed with foster families because they do not have a family of their own, or because their family does not meet their safety and welfare needs. 6. The Child-Headed Family - This is the family where a number of children have lost both parents. These children may not have relatives...
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