Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student's Academic Performance

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Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student’s Academic Performance A Term Paper
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Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student’s Academic Performance Thesis Statement: Family Problem becomes an act of assertion of individuality and identity that affects students’ academic performance. I. The Basic Concept Of Family

A. Structure
B. Functions
II. The Conflict
A. Causes of Conflict
1. Financial
2. Communication
3. Family Goal / Objectives
B. Other Causes of Conflict
1. Personal Differences
2. Individuality
3. Personal Identity
III. Importance of Education
IV. Effects to the Students
A. Emotional
B. Mental
C. Academic
The family is the most basic of all institutions and remains the fundamental unit of a society and plays a vital role in the life of every child. The institutions that mold values and spent most of their life. The family is a community in which from a childhood learned moral values. The family should live and give importance for the life and well-being of each family member. The relationship within the family bring an infinite feelings, affections and interest, arise above all are the respect for one another. Each family offers a unique experience to the children. The family is where children establish their close emotional ties, learn language and internalize family values. One reason for the importance of the family is that the main responsibility for educating children for the crucial early years of life. The members of the family usually live together, they communicate and interact with each other as duties, responsibilities and privileges are defined by their respective roles such as that of father and mother, husband and wife, son and daughter, brother and sister. The family exhibit the way of life which is reflective within the community. Generally speaking, the family is a relatively permanent group of two or more people that could be related to blood and marriage and usually live together. In our country, the basic unit is the nuclear family composed of only the parent and their children. For example, though Philippines are a Christian country it have the notion that the Filipino is the extended one composed of at least three generations. The ideal family is an extended one comes from the fact that in rural areas houses of relatives are constructed closely to the other relative’s house. Even facts say, that the family to be basically nuclear in orientation, recognized as being extended in functions. The family structure is classified based on the following first, based on internal organizations who are the persons that make up the family. Second, based on descent that determines to a large extent the degree of relationship a person is to establish with a group of relatives which could influence family relationship. On the basis of descent, families are classified as follows: patrilineal, matrilineal, and bilateral. Third, based on authority the question of who wields or exercise authority in the family, family has been classified as follows patriarchal, matriarchal, and equalitarian. Fourth, based on membership, the family is classified as nuclear or extended. Lastly, based on residence, the family is classified as patrilocal, matrilocal, avuculocal, bilocal and neolocal. The family as an institution has a social structure which provides its members a guidelines for the performance of their respective roles in relation to one another. The nature of family structure could have influence the personality development of its members....
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