Family Pride

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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February 5, 2013
Subject: Family Pride

I know that everyone has some form of pride. Whether it is national, personal, cultural, or family pride, we all show it and have different reasons that we do. Some people have pride for their country, or their culture. I have pride for my family. My family is so great! I love them so much. I want to talk to you about some of the things that make me proud to be a part of my family. First, most of my family are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Second, my family comes from different cultures, so there’s always some good food to be ate. And last, my family listens to all kinds of music. I hope you enjoy learning about what makes me proud of my family.

So the first thing I want to talk about is my religion. I am one of the more than 7 million Jehovah’s Witnesses. Part of that number is my family. But, there are two people I really want to talk about when it comes to this. My sisters Theresa and Crystal. I admire them so much. They were baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses when they were 17. Ever since then they have served Jehovah whole-heartedly. Theresa has five children 8 and under. I have always loved how she protects me and lets me figure things out for myself. Crystal has two children 4 and 2. We fight sometimes, but I know that she always has my back. They always try their hardest to make meetings and to teach their kids about Jehovah. Even though they have both been through extremely difficult circumstances, they just keep going. For instance, Crystal has had to switch to another congregation. Now, that may not seem like it’s too hard. But it’s a Spanish speaking meeting. Her husband is from the Dominican Republic. She’s learning a new language and keeping her integrity to Jehovah. I admire her so much for that. And then, Theresa, has had numerous surgeries, while taking care of her “6” kids (her husband Scott is a kid at heart). No, actually he helps a lot. He loves her so much and helps whenever he can. Yet, they both...
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