Family Planning Research Paper

Topics: Camarines Sur, Marriage, Family Pages: 12 (2390 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges
Naga Campus

In Barangay Sto. Tomas, Camaligan Camarines Sur

In partial fulfillment of the requirement in SOC. SCI 10, Society of Culture with Family Planning, HIV/AIDS

Submitted by:
Mayores, Dennis B.
Olarve, Raymund Salveo L.
Pacamarra, Hazel E.
BSEd 3 – Physics

Submitted to:
Dr. Geronima Camano-Valenciano

October 4, 2010

Title Page
Table of Contents
CHAPTER I: Introduction
CHAPTER II: Research Methodology
CHAPTER III: Presentation of Findings, Analysis and Discussion CHAPTER IV: Summary of Conclusion and Recommendation
Appendix A: Sample Questionnaire
Appendix B: Letter of Permission to conduct survey
Appendix C: List of Respondents
Appendix D: Barangay Official of Sto. Tomas
Appendix E: Documentation
Appendix F: Curriculum Vitae

Presentation of Findings, Analysis and Discussion
This chapter presents the overview of the results that was gathered from 40 respondents of Husband and Wife of their Family Planning Practices in Barangay Sto. Tomas, Camaligan Camarines Sur. Table 1: Educational Attainment of Respondents

The table presents the Highest Educational attainment of Couples. 22.5% said they reached Elementary level only, 40% said they reached High School, 35% said they reached the College Level and 2.5% said they reached Vocational Course.

Table 2: Married and Unmarried Couple

The table presents the ratio of married and unmarried couple when they start living together. 36 respondents out of 40 said that they are married or 18 couples said they are married already while 4 respondents out of 40 or 2 couples are not married yet since they started living together.

Table 3: Family Planning of Couples

The table presents the data gathered from three questions that answer if the Couple planned the no. of children to have, if the Couple talk about methods of Family Planning and if they consulted the Health Center for information about Family Planning. The result state that 40 respondents or 100% planned the no. of children they are going to have. The Couple that talked about Family Planning and consulted the Health Center is 75% while 25% answered no.

Table 4: Use of Methods or Contraceptives between Couples

The table presents the Methods or Contraceptives used of Couples. 17.5% used Female Sterilization to stop bearing a child for mother, 2.5% used Male Sterilization to stop giving birth to a child for Father, 12.5% used Injection to avoid having a baby for few months, 12.5% use male condom that is use before sexual intercourse, 2.5% used the method of Rhythm Calendar that calculate what day in a month does a female is impossible to be pregnant, 2.5% used traditional method that use herbal medicine, 5% used the Natural method and 32.5% don’t or never used a method or contraceptive for Family Planning.

Table 5: Medium that gives information for Family Planning

The table shows the medium where couples see, hear, or read something that gives information about Family Planning. 33 respondents said they heard some from Radio, 38 respondents said they watched some from television, 18 respondents said they read it from newspapers, 9 respondents said they read it from Magazine, 7 respondents said they read some from Posters, and 6 respondents said they saw some from billboards.

Table 6: Services or Information given from different Mediums.

The table shows the information or services given by different medium (radio, television, newspaper, magazine, poster, and billboard). 36 respondents said the information was about Family Planning, 20 respondents said it was about the use of contraceptives or methods while 11 respondents said it was about vaccination.

Table 7: Family Planning Effect

The Table shows if Population growth can be controlled by the use of...
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