Family Planning Method

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Family Planning Method

By | September 2011
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Family Planning:
Medically assisted procreation (MAP) has become increasingly more prevalent in recent years, with an estimated 500,000 children born to artificially inseminated women by 1989 (Githens 192). Whereas most activists hold steadfast ideas concerning the status of the fetus when dealing with abortion, the leftover MAP embryos have created a gray area of controversy. Although artificial insemination has been on record since the 1700’s, it was the technology of cryogenic preservation that paved the way for in vitro fertilization (IVF) to vastly expand fertility options (191). Cryogenic preservation, the process of freezing and thawing sperm (1940), fertilized embryos and ova has been regarded as a miracle by many couples who long for a family (191). Anti-abortionists question what happens to the remainder of the embryos whom are not chosen. They fail to find a distinction between the end result of the surplus of embryos and direct abortions. The world faces various imminent dangers due to overpopulation yet society allows for the artificial creation of life. Family planning has become just another name for eugenics. MAP is an expensive process which allows it to retain an elite status. Politicians and physicians introduced artificial insemination slowly and have concentrated on exploiting its intense emotional effects on families to gain support from American citizens. As technology advanced, prospective parents could begin choosing certain genetic traits such as sex, hair and eye color, and soon personality and intelligence, as well as avoiding birth defects. We can write a Custom Research Paper on Family Planning

“Applied biogenetics, as well as MAP, are thus immediately labeled as tools of racism, a first step toward the horrific Final Solution of Nazi Germany” (199). Eliminating socialists became the aspirations of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini due to the fundamental effect that socialists had in preventing the Nazi occupation of Europe....

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