Family Medicine

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Family Medicine: A medicine with compassion


My first rotation was Family medicine and on the very first day I was very much impressed and motivated by the direct involvement of doctors with the patients. The environment the ideology all attracted me and I enjoyed and enhanced many important traits like communication, compassion and counseling.

Family medicine is based on continuity of care. The patient-physician relationship is central to this process. It gives true colors to the portrait of a doctor who was able to relieve suffering and pain  at the doorsteps led me to pursue career in medicine .The Family physician focuses on treating the patient rather than just a disease entity and such treatment is uniquely affected by the individual circumstances of each patient. During my course of internship as well I found that family medicine gives the true opportunity to understand and deal with the patients problems immediately and individually.

A Family physician is trained and educated to provide comprehensive medical care, health maintenance and preventive medicine services to all members of the family regardless of age, sex and the type of problem - i.e. biologic, behavioral or social. As the name suggests, the emphasis of a Family physician is on the Family and not just disease process or pathophysiology. The most motivating fact is that Family Medicine requires it's practitioner to be not just a clinician, but also an advocate, coordinator, counselor, information resource and at times support for their patients. It not only treats diseases but also prevents it.  By breaking free from the limitations of age, sex and type of problem in defining their scope of practice, Family physicians are in an unique position to understand and treat the protean manifestations of clinical, behavioral and psychosocial problems across the entire frame of a lifetime. Being a mother of two I...
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