Family Life Cycle Position Paper

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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The Family Life Cycle

Winston-Salem State University

The dynamics of the “Family Life Cycle” are forever changing due to environmental factors around us. We live in a country that has legalized same sex marriages and the media glorifies a dysfunctional government. So this leads us to the “Nature vs. Nurture” debate.

The “Nature vs. Nurture” dispute has been around for years. The issue is trying to determine which factors have the greatest influence on human behavior. Environmental factors such as: English as a second language, poverty, divorce, neglect and abuse may have an effect on a shaping a child’s behavior. All the above factors can adversely affect the stages in the family life cycle.

The stages in the family life cycle and their description have significantly changed according to McGoldrick, Carter, Garcia-Preto (2011). The family life cycle is connected with two standards (emotional process of the transition: key principles and 2nd order changes in family status required to proceed developmentally) McGoldrick, Carter, Garcia-Preto (2011) is listed below: 1. Leaving home: Emerging young adults

-Emotional process is accepting total responsibility for self financially and mentally -2nd order changes is characterized as a different view of self in relation to family of origin, development of intimate peer relationships, establishment of self in respect to work and financial independence, establishment of self in community and larger society and spirituality. At this stage, the young adult is attempting to define himself outside the family structure. He or she is finding out who they are, why they do what they do in contrast to family and the society in which they live. 2. Joining of families through marriage/union

-Emotional process is accepting commitment to a new structure -2nd order changes are characterized by forming a new family system and reshaping the existing family members and friends. This stage is where the individual...
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