Family Is the Most Important Influence on Young Adults

Topics: Adolescence, Divorce, Young adult Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Pickhardt,Carl (October 18, 2010). Adolescence and The Influence of Parents. Retrieved from

Children follow their parents more closely, they evaluate their parents more carefully and they know their parents better than them. Children of parents with a more powerful position in the position to cause. Adolescent appraise becomes more critical of parents, with increased clash over freedom, stay that way through the remainder adolescence.

Pickhardt, C. (October 25,2010). Adolescence, Parental Disappointment, and Parental Guilt. Retrieved from

In spite of children generally fear awaken parental disillusionment. Adolescents disposed to manage culpable parents and the greatest effect of parental disillusionment and parental culpable often come out after adolescence ends and young adulthood starts.

Becker, A. ( 2003). High School Success Doesn't Carry Over. Retrieved from

Parents aren't enforced in the clear when their children walk across the stage to claim their high school diplomas, according to a study by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. About 20 percent of students who were doing well as high school seniors were not meeting their stated or hoped targets at age 26, according to a study called "Monitoring the Future".The study did not follow how parental impact impressed post-high school achievement. Cooney, T. M. (1994). Young Adults' Relations with Parents: The Influence of Recent Parental Divorce. (Vol. 56, pp. 45-56). National Council on Family Relations. Retrieved from

This study adresses the impact of recent parentel divorce on...
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