Family Influence

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Growing up in a close family can make you the person who you are right now. When you’re young you may not notice but your family may be influencing the type of person you will become in life. Growing up with my family has influenced me in significant ways, one, being a great listener, two, being respectful towards all people, and three, being a dependable individual.

Growing up in my family I’ve noticed that we are all great listeners. I remember being young and my mother and father would always be stern about me paying attention and listening to everything they said to me, and if I were to forget what they told me, their automatic response would be that I was not a good listener. In my mind I would always strive to become a better listener every day so I could prove my parents wrong someday that I wasn’t a good listener. As I grew older my listening skills just got better and better over time, and it became almost second nature to me. Now, every time someone tells me something my focus goes directly to that person and I listen to every word that comes out of their mouth, thanks to my parents.

Becoming a great listener is not the only effect my family has influenced me to be, but a respectful individual as well. Whether it be my grandmother, mother, aunt, or uncle, all have taught me, in one way or another, to be respectful of people at all times. To be respectful in my family meant to be courteous and thoughtful of every individual you met. If I were ever forgot to say “thank you, your welcome, excuse me, welcome, etc.” I would always get a ‘nudge’ on my shoulder reminding me to do so. Thanks to my family members now I never forget to say ‘thank you, excuse me, etc... .’ And now I’m the one nudging my younger sister or my cousins on their shoulder to hopefully pass it on when they get older.

Amongst being a great listener and a respectful person, dependability is one value my family influences in one another at all times. Being dependable is one great...
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