Family History Role

Topics: Thought, Culture, Mind Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Jamie Myatiyeva
4th period

Family history plays a very important role in personality formation. My family history affected me in many ways. The main differences are cultural beliefs and concepts, religion and different ideas of what is “wrong” or “right” and of course, the lifestyle. I moved to United States from Turkmenistan about three years ago when I was fifteen years old. This is a very critical time in a person’s life because it is the climax of the personality formation. I grew up in a Muslim family, and the culture of Muslims is quite different from the open minded culture of the United States. I didn’t mind the strict rules, because I didn’t know any better, I thought that’s how life worked. As I went to school and started meeting new people and learning new things, my perspective of life changed, and I started seeing life more differently, more individualistic. I started exploring more and became so fascinated by the differences in lifestyles. Unfortunately, when my parents noticed changes in me, they did not experience the same fascination I had experienced. In fact, they got upset and cautious. That made me upset, because I wanted to have their trust. My parents are very hard-headed, it is nearly impossible to get your point across; no logic seems to beat the nearly ignorant approach to life. Eventually I gave up on the idea of convincing them. My family’s distrust actually led me to become sneaky. I became rebellious and secretive. I would think that the less they knew, the better they would sleep at night. I would be one person when I am with family and different when I’m out in the world. Family could not accept or agree with my open minded and liberal approach to life; therefore I tried to avoid those subjects and adopted the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” theory. Parents thought that my friends were the influencing my thoughts and judgment. I understand friends can have a...
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