Family Health Nursing

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Extended family Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: April 14, 2008
This paper will discuss the importance of the family health nursing for today’s nurses. It will also discuss the importance of understanding the history of the family and how it has changed and evolved. The paper will explore the concept of what constitutes a family today and will include a personal view of family health nursing. Family as an important focus for nurses

In the ever-changing world of technology in the healthcare setting, it is important not to overlook the family as a very important part of caring for the patient. (Farvis, 2002 p.1) The family is an extension of the patient and one is dependent on the other members for providing emotional and physical support. “The family is the most important element in achieving and maintaining a society... there needs to be learning from within the family for individuals to be members of a society“. (Segalman, 1998 p.1) “A family is important to bring about a state of happiness and meaning in life to an individual and for future development and growth.” (Segalman, 1998 p.2) As people are living longer and requiring increasing care after hospitalization, the family can play an integral part in this care. Families are considered a valuable resource for information regarding the patient. They can provide information to assist in the care of the patient and planning his or her care after discharge. The nurse needs to evaluate the health of the family to determine how it will influence the patient’s progress. Many studies “reveal that family health and the health of the family members are strongly correlated.” (Smith, 2002 p.3) Berkley and Hanson suggest the health of the family is dependent upon the balance between the stressors the family experiences and the strengths the family displays. (Smith, 2002 p.3) How a family deals with stress is important to the cohesiveness of the structure. An illness of one member in a family with problems can add to the stress within the family.

Understanding the family...
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