Family Guy Response to Episode

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, Slavery Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: April 11, 2013
In the episode of Family Guy, Peter Griffin, husband, father, brother?, there are many racial and other innuendoes. With all this in a show, many would say that it is extremely offensive, but I believe that this episode was not offensive. In the title no one can understand what the episode is about until it is watched. Peter Griffin finds out that he has a black heritage and takes it to the extreme. He enters a black community gathering and finds out more about his past. He changes his attitude, his friends, and also found who owned his family. This show Family Guy is a comedy and also a politically driven show, so when the episodes are made everything to do with politics and certain views. The show was made to be viewed and interpreted in different ways.

Peter initially finds out that he was black when he took his son, Chris, to learn about his Irish heritage. Chris had began to change and act like another race by speaking in slang which is why Peter took him. While in the library he comes across a heritage book of his family and finds out he is part black. After this, Peter,completely changes his attitude by speaking slang and acting the way many black gangs act. Peter informs his black friend, Clevland, and Clevland suggests to Peter that he should get to know his race better. Peter goes to a black meeting and makes a speech that gains the black community's respect. Many people got upset at the way Peter began to talk and the pose he did at the black gathering but it is simply the history of the blacks. There is no racism meant behind any of the actions, slang, or clothing, it is just the way the history was and how people interpret it.

Even as Peter discovers how blacks were treated by cops. It is not racist but what people believe it to be. As Peter gets pulled over by a police officer, the officer asked if he was black and when Peter said yes, the officer said on the radio that he had a stolen car, a belligerent black man, and finally...
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