Family Guy

Topics: Family Guy, Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Chelsea Kingsbury
Miss Laing
English EAE4U
March 7th 2013

Family guy, a bad influence on children?

Family guy is a dysfunctional family that lives in Quahog, Rhode Island. The parents: Peter and Lois. The children: the oldest, Meg, the middle child, Chris and the baby is Stewie. Last but not least, the dog Brian. This TV show exhibits crude, adult humour. There are many different opinions on this show, many parents are ok with letting there children watch it and other refuse to do so because of the kind of humour some parents are on edge. So is family guy a negative influence on children? I believe it does have a negative influence on kids. To start the language they use, secondly the violence and actions towards each other and other and also it is a very sexist show.

Firstly, the language used in the episodes of family guy is a very vulgar, crude, dirty and coarse. They swear a lot for example when Brian talks to Megs friend he says, quote “you know Connie, I think I have a theory about why you’re such a bitch”. If kids watch this on TV by fictional characters they can’t tell that its not the way to talk so they can repeat it at school or even say it to there parents and they do not want their children to talk that way. Also the language they use that discriminates different races, religions and gay people is negative on the children watching this show it gives them the impression that it’s ok, so if in school or at the shopping center they see a person of colour or even if they know a person of different religion they might talk to them and say things that are very inappropriate. For example where the children could get it from, episode two of season eight , the whole episode is about Jewish people, Louis finds out that she and her mother are Jewish and wants to peruse fallowing the Jewish culture but then peter says to her “Jews are gross Lois. It’s the only religion with the word ew in it. And there are also the comments that discriminate against...
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