Family Fieldtrip

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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A Family Vacation
The ways how to spend your vacation may vary. Many young people prefer to spend their vacation with friends. Young people feel uncomfortable seeing their parents every day. The society think parents need to rest without children and children do the same thing without their parents. However, some families like spending their vacation together. Some families lose this tradition when their children grow up, but some families retain it. My family did not lose this tradition and we spend each summer vacation together. The summer of 2006 my family; my parents, my sister, my brother, and I made a trip to Paris, France. Paris; a famous worldwide city for its beauty and history. One of the most expensive cities in the world. Therefore, we all excited about going to this ancient city. I have never been to France although my parents have been there for several times and also during their honeymoon. I could see an expression of happiness in their faces when we arrived. We stayed in my mom’s house located in the sixteenth district. We planned to spend in Paris six unforgettable days. The first day we went to walk around the old city. I found my parents excited to recognize the same places and to notice that they did not change. They showed us many historical monuments. We bought a tourist guide in English and read much about history. I enjoyed much watching the bohemian Paris; all those artists and paintings. We bought some souvenirs for our relatives. Then we went to dine in the nearest café. I thought that French people would treat us badly because we speak English. However, I found this statement wrong. The French showed a friendly attitude towards us. The French gave us the best service we have received in any other restaurant before. There was one American man, though, who quarreled with the French in that café. He verbally expressed the French act incoherent and stupid, but they seemed to understand English very well. They...
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