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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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First quarter essay
I come from a family that came from another country to the united states to work and have a wealthy life. My father and mother were both born in the country of Mexico. They both came to the united states between the ages of 19 and 21. Once they both got here they stayed at a family members house that already lived here in the united states. My moms first job was at a Mexican restaurant as a chef in the city of Los Angeles. My dads first job was as a Gardner with my uncle. They both struggled really hard to get money and survive in this world. At the age of 23 my parents had their first child which was my brother Alex. Then a year later they had me. We lived in a city called Bassett, California next to a city called Industry. We lived there for a couple of years and I began elementary school there. Then when I was in first grade we ended up moving to Pomona, California. There I finished elementary and middle school. However our community wasn’t the best to live in due to gang violence. Once I hit high school we moved out of Pomona and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. I started my freshmen year down there however, we didn’t like it at all. Then when I was done with one semester we decided to move to Hesperia, California. When we first got here I didn’t like it at all after a while it wasn’t that bad after all. However were not that far from my old town so I go visit my old friends all the time. Finally, in a couple I have plans to move down to my old town once again. I like to say that I am really strong and hard working just like my dad. If my dad achieved the American dream then anyone could do it if they set their mind to it I want to make my family proud if me. They gave me all I needed and I want to repay everything they did to buy them a house anywhere they want. I want to work hard so they wont have to work another day. My dream is for my parents to live their last years without worries. Also to live in a house anywhere they want. They...