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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Human resources in terms of employee skills are not highly recognized at Family Dollar stores, particulary because of employee overturn. It is easy for an employee to switch to a different store because they find a better job with better benefits. In the Family Dollar mission statement it states "For our associates a compelling place to work by providing exceptional opportunities and rewards for achievement" (Mission Statement, n.d.). This statement only raises the question of why can't a person walk into a Family Dollar store and feel like the employees are doing everything to help them with any questions? The answer is simple and that it means that there are no rewards when you get lower on the hiearchy of associates, therefore, meaning that human resources declines rapidly the lower you go down the chain of command.


A firm uses resources that in turn provides us with capabilities that give the firm a competitive advantage relative to others of the same industry. There are functional areas of all organizations and each area may, or may not have a competitive advantage. The areas of capabilities are corporate functions, management information, research and development, operations, product design marketing, sales and distribution (Grant, 2010, 132). Family dollar has current financial control that most company's don't have during this economic recession. There is no research and development, because Family Dollar does not make their own product. In order to keep operations under control, while at the same time creating the speed and flexibility needed Family Dollar has a Transportation Management System. Family Dollar utilizes a state-of-the-art Transportation Management System to direct freight throughout our network. The Transportation Management System brings greater supply chain efficiencies by managing the movement of freight from our supply partners to our customers, accommodating our rapid growth and reducing total transportation costs....
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