Family Dinner

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The Golden Rule of Family Dinner

As a child Richard grew up with both his mom and father. Even doe Richard had the luxury having both of his parents Richard rarely seen his mom or father, because they had to work. So as Richard grew up he rarely ever had a home cooked meal so in a way he was forced to eat fast food every day which caused him to be somewhat obese. However Richard weight problem was not his only problem; because Richard never really had his father or mother teach him how to be a man as he grew up and had his own kids he did not know any way to raise them other then the way his parent raised him. As a result his kids grew up the same way there father grew up; and probably raised their children the same way in a chain that may be someday broken. There for having a family dinner at least three times a week is the best thing for a family for the following reasons, because it helps family members eat healthier and cheaper by limiting fast food; it also brings family members closer as a family, last of all it helps children be better parents in the future.

Eating a family dinner three times a week helps family members eat healthier and cheaper by limiting fast food. Fast food is highly unhealthy for the human body for many reasons. For one many Americans in the United States are either overweight or obese because they don’t eat at least three healthy home cooked meals a weak. For those who eat fast food gaining weight is the least of ones problem; because of the high amount of fat and grease in most fast food it can cause high blood pressure or even heart attacks according to the movie supersize me. Eating a home cook meal is also proven to be a lot cheaper than then eating at your local McDonalds. McDonalds charges as much as four dollars for a Big Mac sandwich, if you are eating one of these sandwiches a day you are spending twenty-eight dollars a week. Compared to the average home cook meal that is a fortune considering a pack twenty burger...
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