Family Diagnoses

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Family Nursing Diagnoses
According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), the use of nursing diagnoses is to assists the nurse in assessments and treatments of nursing problems. It provides an outline for the nursing model, and gives nurses a reference. The nursing diagnosis provides a clear focus for the development of health goals and nursing interventions. Nursing diagnoses and interventions focuses on individual patient crises, specific interventions, or medical diagnose (Warren, 1998). “It is imperative that information on common nursing diagnoses and interventions be researched, discussed, and incorporated into education and training” (Warren, 1998). The purpose of this paper is to identify three nursing diagnoses that related to TD and her family, summarize potential interventions related to each diagnosis, discuss how Watson’s theory of human caring influences clinical thought and action in community and public health nursing, identify three legal and ethical issues that may occur with the potential interventions, how the community health nurse might advocate for the family and involve the family members in becoming partners in their own health, explain how the family’s health may be affected by the structure and roles, identify family values that may affect the potential interventions, and compile a list of topics and resources for health educational needs of the family. The three nursing diagnoses that relate to TD are knowledge deficient, activity intolerance, and imbalance nutrition less than body requirements. First, the interventions for knowledge deficient are assessing her readiness to learn and individual learning needs and/or identify barriers; and determining her most urgent need, such as education on obesity prevention and control. Healthy People 2020 promote health and reduce chronic disease risk through the use of healthy food choices and maintenance of healthy body weights....
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