Family Cultural Differences

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Denise Ellis Ellis 1 English 102-Professor Mason

Outline for Research Paper

Outline TOPIC: Cultural Backgrounds. Are They the Same or Different? THESIS: Cultural Backgrounds and issues have an effect on many families and how they are raised. There are many traditions that families feel they have to follow and they try to bring their children up the same way. Some families choose to grow up with their values and want other family members to follow that pattern. Others follow issues that can effect or change their cultural views. How can we determine the change or effect in cultural backgrounds and issues? I-What are the main characteristics of American Culture?

1. Define between men and women their cultural values.
2. Are stereotypes used to deal with cultural backgrounds 3. How do stereotypes affect the way we think and feel.
II- How do culture issues affect society and people? What role do they play? 1. How are people discriminated against?
2. What can be done to change this attitude?
3. Would we feel more comfortable if we were all the same?

II- Media plays an important part in our cultures reflection. It affects many people in many ways. 1. What role do mass media play in our culture (television and music in particular)? 2. How does it affect children?

IV- What is a healthy view of cultural differences.
1. Are Black people that different from White?
2. Where does Black culture come from?

Ellis 2

Conclusion: We may sometimes...
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