Family Consumer Science

Topics: Family and consumer science, Ellen Swallow Richards, Great Depression Pages: 5 (1868 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Statement of Understanding of Family and Consumer Sciences

Overall Knowledge and Beliefs of Family and Consumer Sciences
Focusing on the idea of integrating an approach to reciprocal relationship among individuals, families and communities; this is the Discipline of the profession of Family and Consumer Science. Throughout the history of this subject there have been major accomplishments for not only one type of people, but all people. Ellen Swallow Richards was the founder of the discipline, she was the first woman to graduate from MIT, and she was the first president of Adult Higher Education Alliance. These were huge steps for Home Economics and for women in general. This was only one instance, and since the beginning, Family and Consumer Sciences has been in many different types of movements for all races and genders. I believe that the reason Family and Consumer Science is the most popular field is because of our structure; the body of knowledge, the heart, and the soul of Family and Consumer Sciences. Family consumer science is set apart from other disciplines due to the concept of integrations. The concept of integration presents the idea that we have multiple subsets to our fields, we do not focus on things in the same manner as math does, in ways that math solely focuses on math, and science simply centers in on only science. We have many pieces to our puzzle.

The Body of Knowledge for the discipline and profession of Family and Consumer Sciences was identified more than twenty years ago to facilitate several evolving developments. Evolutions within the profession continue, and also include resumption of the certification examination and the standards for Accreditation of FCS programs. The body of knowledge concentrates on focusing on complex issues such as an individuals well being, creating strong, resilient families, and helping communities become healthy and enhance them in a global society. Family and Consumer Science has become the largest employer in America. The Hospitality industry has eighteen million jobs, which is one out of every eight people in America. That number shows that we create jobs that allow individuals to go home and put food on the table, give their children clothes, and provide shelter for their family. With all these individuals providing for their own families, families will become more resilient, and resilient families create a healthy community. When communities are healthy it allows individuals and families to help each other more than if they were not healthy. It is a cycle that continues to strengthen people throughout the U.S. During the evolution of the Body of Knowledge for Home Economics The Scottsdale Conference of 1993 proposed that name change from Home Economics to Family and Consumer Science. Their reasoning was they thought the name Home Economics seemed to make people feel that it was a women’s profession instead of for everyone, and they felt Family and Consumer Sciences would make it seem as though it was for all people.

The heart of Family and Consumer Sciences reflects passion, caring, and compassion towards all people. Without the heart of Family and Consumer Science we would not have the warm, comforting personality that makes our profession unique. Our profession is a profession of people. We care about other people, and many other professions do not worry about working with people or they do not truly care about others, they are simply there for a check. I am not saying other professions do not care about people; I am simply saying that most people in our profession are in it for the joy of helping others, not the money. Sadly the people who do it for money do not understand the feeling that you get when you see that you have truly impacted someone’s life, and that is what many people to if for. You cannot put a price on something like that.

The spirit of Family and Consumer Sciences is what inspires and motivates us. In my opinion the spirit is the...
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