Family Assessment

Topics: Nursing, Sleep, Sleep medicine Pages: 5 (1380 words) Published: January 7, 2012

Family Focused Health Assessment
Nancy E Gundersen
Grand Canyon University
December 4, 2011

Family Focused Health Assessment
This paper will assess a family interviewed using Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns. It will summarize the findings for each health pattern from a designated number of interview questions. The author identifies two wellness nursing diagnoses based on the author’s assessment of the family health patterns and the answers provided to the interview questions. The family interviewed was a husband and wife who live active lives. They have recently moved from Colorado to Texas and both have new jobs. They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren who reside in Oregon and Colorado. The wife recently went through radiation therapy for MALT lymphoma and the husband recently learned he has been living with only 1 kidney and a herniated disk. The husband has had gout since he was twenty five and the wife was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome at age eighteen. These conditions have been controlled by diet and medication. Otherwise this family is fairly healthy. They are from different backgrounds and different cultures but have adapted their own traditions and health habits. Both are mastered prepared and share similar hobbies and interests. Summary of functional health patterns;

1. Values, health perceptions
a. Both family members value health and do not have cultural influences as it relates to how they obtain a healthy lifestyle. They understand that eating right and exercising will increase their chances of regaining their health. 2. Nutrition

b. Both family members work fulltime and have a very full schedule. They arise early and are out the door with a minimal breakfast. The husband has a slim fast nutrition drink while the wife may have a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast. Their lunch habits vary. The wife usually brings lunch with her that includes a sandwich or protein bar. The husband usually goes home for lunch and will make himself a cup of soup or a leftover salad. The wife usually does not arrive home until 6:30 or 7pm while the husband is home by 5pm. He is able to make healthy dinners as he enjoys cooking. They both try to stay away from the foods that will bring on symptoms of gout or irritable bowel syndrome. 3. Sleep/Rest

c. The husband does not usually have problems falling asleep but will get up during the night to use the bathroom. He only uses sleep aids when he travels as his sleep patterns are interrupted. The wife has a hard time falling asleep because of the stresses of the day and will occasionally use an over the counter sleep aid if she is unable to get a good night sleep for several days. 4. Elimination

d. The husband has no issue with proper elimination. He attributes this to eating a lot of salads. The wife however, because of her irritable bowel syndrome will sometimes alternate between having constipation and diarrhea. She takes a probiotic routinely, benefiber and drinks plenty of water in addition to trying to watch what she eats to stay regular. 5. Activity/Exercise

e. Both family members consider exercise as an important part of their daily life. Recent illnesses have prevented their ability to do strenuous exercise. The husband most recently hurt his back and the wife has not yet fully recovered from her radiation treatment. Both do other forms of activities however including taking stairs instead of elevators, walking nine holes of golf and routine household chores such as yard work. 6. Cognitive

f. Both family members do much better when they are in control of a meeting or situation. They feel clear headed and better prepared. They both have periods when they may forget to do something they were asked and have learned to write things down to help prevent this from happening. 7. Sensory-perception

g. Both family members are dealing with conditions...
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