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  • Published : April 28, 2009
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Informative SpeechHow to Cope with Losing a Loved one
How to cope with losing a loved one
I. I am the oldest child of three children.
A. I am 27 years old, Patrick would be 25 and Joseph is 24.
1.) I was more like their mother then sister.
B. We are a very close family.
1.) My family lost four young adults in less then three months.
2.) We lost Patrick and a cousin from each side of the family in one day.
3.) One month prior to my brothers’ death I lost a cousin to an overdose. II. Coping with the lost of a loved one.
A.You worry about how others are feeling and dealing with the lost. B.Seeing everyone who come to pay their respect shows how they touched so many people. C.Seeing people you have not seen in awhile keeps you busy. D.You feel numb as if it really has not happened.

D. Pictures and stories help you remember all the good times. III. The anger and denial is normal.
A. Certain occasions and special days will be harder then others.
B. At times you will feel guilty.
1.) You will wish you never said certain things you said.
2.) If you had done things different they might still be here.
3.) At times you blame yourself.
4.) Other times you might question GOD.
IV. Support is needed.
A. Friends and family are important.
1.) Have some alone time but be sure someone is always there for you.
2.) Cry with friends and family.
a.) Cry alone.
b.) Cry with a stranger, e.g. therapist.
B. It is normal to feel lonely or depressed at times.
1.) You are not alone.
2.) The one you lost has or may have parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends or grandparents who are also grieving.
3.) Death becomes reality.
4.) You are not promised tomorrow.
5.) Tomorrow keeps coming.
C. You appreciate people more.
1.) Take care of yourself.
a.) Set goals.
b.) It is important for your future not to give up.
c.) Your family and friends need you.
D.) The missing piece of the...
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