Family and Wife

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Vanicia White
COM 200
Instructor Gary Witt
May 20, 2013

Award winner James Brooks, introduces the perfect ideal family in the movie Spanglish, the supportive husband, the loving wife, and two incredible children. Just like any family until an outside force intervenes do you see what was so perfect now a conflict of interest. A family of five now just became over crowded when the mother decides to hire a maid. Therefore, after the addition the conflict begins to spar into a mangle, but all evolving around one main conflict, the communication barrier between husband and wife. There are several instances in this film, where the interpersonal communication between husband and wife are handled ineffectively. There is no conversation between the two in the movie which caused a communicational barrier. According to Sole, Conversations are the means through which you share facts and information as well as your ideas, thoughts, and feelings with other people (Sole, 2011). In one particular scene, the mother decided to buy their daughter some clothing that were two sizes too small. Instead, of the husband addressing the issue about his wife’s insensitivity he allowed the child to endure unnecessary criticism about her weight. The husband throughout the movie is caught conversing with one’s self, even at one point with the maid. However, he never voiced or stated his opinions to his wife, causing the conflict to overpower the love of one’s home and allowing the children to foresee a divorce. The mother’s happiness plays a big part in the communication barrier, especially when you’re finding happiness outside your home. The mother becomes self- involved when she engages into this relationship with another guy, therefore causing their communicational barrier to drift even further apart.

After reviewing and stating the communicational barriers, there were some simple things that could have been done differently. Both parties had their...
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