Family and Tom Brennan

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Discuss how J.C Burke addresses the notion of moving ‘Into the World’ in the first ten Chapters of The Story of Tom Brennan

J.C Burke’s novel, ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ is a grim and haunting representation of the themes of fear and drink driving, family relationships and friendships. Burke addresses the notion of moving into the world through the characters, the conflict, the motifs and symbols, language and structural devices and the effects.

In the novel, the characters experience a horrifying outcome after a car crash that was caused by Daniel, the oldest son in the Brennan family. Because of this event, the characters suffer amounts of stress and depression. Burke allows us to understand the circumstances the characters are in and how they face the consequences. Throughout the book, the characters experience a number of obstacles and events that allow them slowly to move ‘Into the World’. The characters in the novel include Tom, Daniel, Joe, Tess, Brendan, Gran, Fin, Kylie, Kath and Chrissy. Tom Brennan has all the problems a teenager might face under his extraordinary situation. He had been a popular, successful rugby player and a member of a family that was liked and respected, but after the horrific accident, all of this had changed. His grief and guilt almost monopolises him initially, but Tom does have strength of character that pushes him to become fit again and resume rugby. Tom has a realization after a long speech from his father that playing rugby isn’t all about winning, but about the fun and motivation that comes along with the sport. Daniel Brennan is one that is not thought highly of when first introduced as an angry nineteen-year old under the influence of alcohol. After the car accident Daniel alters in many ways. He is genuinely sorry for the tragedy he was responsible for. After the accident, Daniel has learnt to be more responsible and mature. Joe Brennan is the father of Tom and Daniel, he was not only an excellent coach who spent...
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