Family and Outdoor Play

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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TDA 2.1: Child and young person development

Task 1.2: Aspects of development that can affect one another

No Confidence: If a young child has no confidence within themselves they will struggle to develop their communication & social skills. They won’t be outgoing therefore they will always hold back during activities or during free play they will play alone rather than mixing with others.

Not able to talk: If a child has no ability to speak this will also have a massive effect on their communication & social skills as they will not be interacting verbally with others around them.

Not able to walk: If a child is unable to walk due to some form of disability or any other reason it will affect their physical development because the child won’t be getting the exercise they need. They also won’t be able to join in activities that involve outdoor games, dancing, or even something as simple as sitting themselves on a bike, rocking horse or chair.

Task 2.1: Influences that have positive & negative effects of development

| |Background |Health |Environment | | |Socialising with young kids |Lots of fresh air |Lots of outdoor play | |Positive |Surrounded by family |Outdoor adventure |An understanding of Nature | | |Communication with family |Healthy diet | | | |Good parenting |Medicine provided | | | |No socialising or play with other children |No outdoor play |No outdoor play | |...
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