Family and Friend Influence

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Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

We are all influence by whomever we meet. We all stand as models to everyone in this world. However, our choice of a model is important especially when choosing a career. I believe that in the case concerning our future and our career, families have more influences on us than friends.

Friends are the ones we spend time having fun, enjoying, playing and so forth. Friends also teach good things and help us. Friends advise good things about life, but not like family. Family always think that their children will become superior ones in the future. They want their children to be smarter than anyone else. However, friends are not such an influential adviser like family. Family feels that time is waste when their adult children have too much fun. However, friends influence us more to play or have fun rather than advising us about our career. Therefore, family puts their substanshil impact on their children in order to shape up their future career.

In the US, most young adults are usually influence by their friends rather than their parents. It depends on what type of influence it is. Usually, people are busier in the US. They don’t have time to give important influence to their children. Therefore, the children choose their own way to catch up careers. Whatever they see around influences them. However, this influence might not be good for their future careers. Therefore, I’d say family influences their adult children more and better than friends.
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