Family and Brother / Sister

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Here's the list again. I've made several additions and made recommended corrections.

Here's incest movies I've seen. The incest may only be tangential, but it's at least mentioned or hinted at.

Angel Heart (father=Mickey Roarke / daughter=Lisa Bonet)
. Lisa Bonet shows tits
Angels and Insects (brother / sister=Patsy Kensit) -- ENGLAND . Patsy Kensit is nude
Antonia's Line (father/daughter) -- NETHERLANDS
. the daughter's rape by her father is not graphic, but there is lots of . nudity, sex, and pregnancy (including Antonia's lesbian daughter) in . this film.
Blade (mother/son)
. Joanna Cassidy (mother?) displays her tits
La Bouche (brother / sister=Charlotte Gainsbourg) -- FRANCE
. no nudity
The Brotherhood of the Wolf (brother / sister) -- FRANCE
. the sister isn't nude, but Monica Bellucci shows her magnificent breasts Brothers (brother / sister-in-law=Connie Nielsen) – DENMARK . the only nudity is guys in the showers
Butterfly (father=Stacy Keach / daughter=Pia Zadora)
. Pia Zadora shows her tits and ass
Cat People (attempted brother=Malcom McDowell / sister=Nastassja Kinski) . Nastassja Kinski is nude and Annette O'Toole shows breasts. If you . like Annette O'Toole, try to see this film.
The Celebration (father / son & daughter) – DENMARK
. Trine Dyrholm shows tits in the bath. Helle Dolleris shows tits having . sex with her husband who is the younger son
Chinatown (father=John Houston / daughter=Faye Dunaway)
. Faye Dunaway shows her breasts.
. There's a hint of dad/grandpa w/ granddaughter
Chose Secretès (Secret Things) (brother / sister) -- FRANCE . this softcore porn includes sex, murder, rape, incest, and bondage. . Lots of actors and actresses are nude.
Cider House Rules (dad / daughter)
. Charlize Theron bares her bum, but she’s not the daughter. Code 46 (mother=Samantha Morton / son=Tim Robbins)
. Tim exposes Samantha's pussy (or her double's) before they make love The Color Purple (father / daughter=Whoopie Goldberg)
. no nudity
Cruel Intentions (step brother=Ryan Philippe / sister=Sarah Michelle Geller) Dark Obsession (brother=Gabriel Byrne / sister=Sadie Frost) -- ENGLAND . Sadie, Amanda Donohoe, and a stripper all are nude, but the stripper . wears pasties.

The Devil's Advocate (brother=Keanu Reeves / sister=Connie Nielsen) . Connie Nielson and Charlize Theron (wife) display their tits Dias de Santiago (dad / daughter) – PERU
. no nudity
The Dreamers (brother=Louis Garrel / sister=Eva Green)
. Eva Green is often nude. She's gorgeous.
Dust to Dust (aunt=Ana de la Reguera / nephew) -- MEXICO
. Ana de la Reguera shows tits in bed with her nephew
8 Women (step father / daughter=Virginie Ledoyen) – FRANCE . no nudity
Eye's Bayou (father/daughter)
. no nudity
The Flower of Evil (cousins? step brother/sister? half brother/sister?) . no nudity
The Game Is Over (step mother=Jane Fonda / son) -- FRANCE
. brief glimpses of Jane Fonda's tits several times
Haunted (brother=Anthony Andrews / sister=Kate Beckinsale) -- ENGLAND . Kate or her double are nude several times. If you like Kate, try . to see Uncovered instead. (No body double there)
The Hotel New Hampshire (brother=Rob Lowe / sister=Jodie Foster) . Nastassja Kinski shows tits
House of the Spirits (brother / sister=Winona Ryder)
. Winona Ryder is nude, but we see nothing
The House of Yes (brother / sister=Parker Posey)
. no nudity
I, Claudius (brother/sister, cousins) -- ENGLAND
. Patricia Quinn shows her tits and Sheila White is nude. Beth Morris, . Caligula's sister, is also nude before he kills her. Caligula was . played by John Hurt.
Jan Dara (step mother=CChung / son, cousins, father / daughter) – THAILAND . Aunt Waad, several servants, and Christy Chung are nude.
K.M.0 (mother=Concha Velasco / son ) –- SPAIN
. Elisa Matilla is nude when she gets out of bed after her john is done. . Concha Velasco shows a nipple when her sheet slips.
Like Water for Chocolate (brother-in-law / sister=Lumi Cavazos) -- MEXICO...
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