Family and Aunt Greta

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Father Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Lauren N. Piotrowski
Mrs. Grogan
English 1101
31 Aug 2012

All in the Family

Throughout one’s life, things are going to grow and change, yet one thing will always remain the same, one’s family. This social unit, whether it be related by blood or the love that comes from a family will always remain strong. While taking a look at two narratives, we will discuss the lessons learned, family functions, extended family, and the impressions that are made upon the readers of these stories.

Taking a look at these powerful narratives, we as readers see many lessons that are learned throughout these pieces of writing. Taking a look at the narrative, An Indian Story by Roger Jack, this non-nuclear family shows us the readers, the lesion of who can and could be considered family. This important lesson shows how although his Aunt Greta is not immediate family like his father would be; she becomes immediate in his time of need. “My home and academic life improved a lot after I had moved in with Aunt Greta” (Jack 53). This improvement of life for these characters shows how this social network made of defined characters were able to adapt and transform to the ever-changing needs and circumstances of its “family” members. Moving on to the much different narrative entitled, Looking for Work by Gary Soto were we take a look at a nuclear family that is much different. The life of a Mexican American boy who strives for nothing less than for his family to be “perfect” like he sees on TV. His longing for the, “Father looks on in his suit. The mother, decked out in earrings and a pearl necklace, cuts into her steak and blushes. Their conversation so politely clipped” (Soto 29). These constant strives to be perfect and rich consumed most of his time. Yet by the end of this narrative, he would finally learn the most important lesson of all, his family is who they are. Much like Gary Soto in his story, Looking for Work I learned the same exact lesson. Although my family may...
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