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Every year my family hosts holiday family dinner parties and my house is always chosen for its elegance and our picturesque dining room. In the Disney movie “The Beauty and The Beast,” the dining room is a memorable scene to many viewers. However, as time has progressed, the dining room has lost attention and has only become useful for a few special occasions and family gatherings. For example, many households have been designed to include a door from the kitchen to the dining room. This door is a symbol of the diminishing use and inevitable secession of dining room use in everyday life. Americans prefer a cozy and warm environment and do not want to be disturbed by precious aspects of every day life while Europeans still value fashionable and trendy furnishings. In the modern American home, daily meals usually take place in the kitchen, breakfast nook or living room. Throughout history the dining room has been the pinnacle of any household or castle, depending how far back in time one goes. Take the middle ages for instance, the dining room was called the Great Hall. The head of the house would generally sit at the head of the table with his family whereas all his other subjects sit around him in decreasing order of power. Unlike most dining rooms of today these great halls had high ceilings with several windows and doors to allow a free flow of air into the hall. As history progressed, the need for these Great Halls diminished as people began to enjoy smaller gatherings, mostly due to the Black Plague, in which more of the nobility began to have more of their meals in the parlor for fear of contacting the disease, this in a sense created the first dining rooms. Then in the 18th century after dinner, women would vacate the dining table, leaving the men to smoke, drink and talk business, which led to a masculinizing in the look of dining tables. Then another shift occurred in the style of dining room tables around the time of the Victorian Era. In that time men...
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