Families Today Are No Longer Able to Adequately Meet the Needs of Their Members.

Topics: Family, Meaning of life, Abuse Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Families today are no longer able to adequately meet the needs of their members.

In my opinion, some families today are no longer able to adequately meet the needs of their members. In today’s society, there are many instances where women, youths and children are in a horrible state of living. They are being abuse and maltreated by their own irresponsible parents or spouse. Not meeting their basic needs is considered as neglecting them. Neglect is a type of abuse where individuals fail to meet the basic needs of their dependent person. Victims of neglect are usually children, people with disabilities, and frail older adult. It occurs when a clean environment is not provided. In some cases, parents may even withhold or deny basic needs such as food water or clothing. Personal care medical care, education, and attention and love may also be denied or withheld. They may knowingly neglect their dependent or unintentionally neglect the person because they are unable to provide adequate care. For example, when a parent work too much and do not pay any attention to their children’s needs, like going to the doctor because of a tooth ache or any injury and pain, he/she is already abusing them. Looking into a bigger picture, there are many other issues of abuse that are happening in our society. For instance, the rate of abortion and women abuse are getting higher. I believe that those problems and many others are effect of a poor family relationship. Base on the meaning of family, it is the smallest and basic unit of society, however family is also the beginning of the society. Children who are considered as the fruit of the family are the ones who replace the older generation. If a person has a very strong personality, we can infer that there are many reasons why he/she has that kind of personality. If all children were brought up the way they’re supposed to be, our society would be in a good shape, but because there are many difficulties that are happening in our...
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