Families in a Diverse Society Phase Five Infertility

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Birth control Pages: 5 (1673 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Infertility Rates In Present-Day Canada
Phase Five
Amanda Fischer
Due: December 12, 2012


In the last ten to twenty years there has been an increase in infertility among women. This report is being designed to answer the following question: What are the causes of infertility in present-day Canada? The purpose of answering this question is to make women aware of the possible causes of infertility so fertile women can reduce their chances of becoming infertile. Another purpose to this report is to make myself aware of the possible causes of infertility because I am hoping to have children of my own someday. In Phase One I had planned to do secondary research by using the internet and books, I ended up only using the internet. For my primary I had planned to do surveys. Instead of doing surveys I had interviewed two biology teachers from F.E. Madill. The four possible answers that were developed are: decreasing health in women, hereditary, birth control, and the environment.

Decreasing Health In Women
Having a healthy lifestyle is essential to one’s lifespan, but it is also very important when trying to conceive a baby. Through secondary and primary research I had found that being unhealthy can decrease a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. Most people when thinking about being unhealthy picture a person who is obese, the reality is being unhealthy does mean being obese but also, overweight, underweight, not having a healthy diet, or not exercising. Using secondary research I had found from 2003 to 2011 studies have shown that obesity among women has rose from 14.5% to 16.8% (Statistics Canada, 2011). This is a problem because women who are obese have a 43% less chance of bearing a child. Being overweight also carries risks of infertility because hormone levels become out of balance (Fertility Factor, 2012). I had also found that being underweight, and dieting could also risk fertility. In order for a woman’s menstrual cycle to be regular she needs at least 22% body fat (Fertility Factor, 2012). Dieting can be a cause of being underweight. Some foods that women should avoid to reduce their chances of becoming infertile are excessive amounts of sugar, low fat milk, MSG, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and soda (Baker, 2010). In my primary research I had found that too much exercise can cause infertility because it can cause amenorrhea (Sawchuck, 2012), while extreme dieting makes extreme changes in hormones, because there will not be enough fat cells (sex cells) being produced (Cronin, 2012). My interviewee’s both had not touched on being overweight or obese, but more focused on being underweight. When talking about being underweight my secondary research had mentioned a lot about having an irregular cycle. It was twice where my secondary and primary research connected. It connected when talking about insulin (insulin is a hormone), and low-fat milk products. When eating sugar, the body needs to release insulin, to bring sugar levels down. When insulin goes through one’s body other hormones tag along. Hormones and the endocrine system are connected, making a chain effect. When one hormone can not be regulated, it can not regulate others including sex hormones. Low-fat milk can also have an effect on sex hormones. Since hormones rely on lipids, when there is an imbalance there is a failure to ovulate or produce a healthy egg (Baker, 2010). This connects with my primary research because when Mrs. Sawchuck had talked about amenorrhea she had said that it reduces body fat levels, so the body can not make the same amount of hormones because sex hormones are lipid based (Sawchuck, 2012). Mr. Cronin had said that extreme dieting makes extreme changes in hormones because there will not be enough sex cells being produced (Cronin, 2012). With these two methods of research I had found that even though the information had came across...
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