Families in 1700's to Mid 1800's

Topics: Marriage, Family, Kinship Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Origins of a family have meaning and history. By keeping track of family relations also known as a family tree it can allow us to keep records of the past. The Edwards family tree shows great record from the early 1700's to the mid 1800's. This family tree demonstrates when a person was baptized; when they got married; and when they passed away. The Edwards family chart show the different relations of marriages and fertility rate from today's society. From the chart we can determine that the Edwards family show a different demography compared to todays society. This is because life expectancy was shorter; families were larger; and finally marriages were happening at a young age.

According to the Edwards family tree life expectancy was not high. Many of the family members barely lived up to sixty, which was very common in the 1700's. The family tree shows many children dying at a young age; some barely reaching adolescent age. Since child death was very high it showed that health care was very poor; which lead people to have more children. In today's society life expectancy has expanded enormously. Many young children live for a longer time because of better health care. Having a sibling die before they could reach their twenty would be very unlikely because of the amazing health care we have and our environment has improved since the 1800's.

The average size of a family during the 1700's would be 7.5, which is completely larger than the family size in todays culture. Looking at the family tree many couples had a large set of family. Some of the families had more than six children, which is over our regular family size. Since families were big some of the children carried on names of their parents. For example Thomas Edward who was married to Sarah Potman named their first child Thomas. Even after Sarah Potman death he remarried Mary and also named their first child Thomas. That was because names were meant to be carried on and remembered. If we compare...
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