Familiarization of Basic Electrical Instruments

Topics: Alternating current, Oscilloscope, Voltage Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: July 28, 2012

In the first experiment of the course, there are three objectives that are needed to be proven through different materials and procedures. The first is objective A, where we are to identify the values of the resistance and capacitance by measuring and computing. There are no problems about this part since the values are in agreement; meaning it only got a little amount of percent error. Next, objective B wants us to familiarize with the oscilloscope by setting it up to what the lab manual identifies and check if the device is well-functioning. The display did not show much difference between using the CH1 and CH2. The values also were shown clearly by the device. The last one, which is objective C, is to help us familiarize with the function generator and oscilloscope. The values for the first half were still clear but it seemed that the AC voltage differ hugely to the other voltages. While turning the position knobs to shift the cursors at either the peak or complete cycle of the wave, there formed the delta which has significantly agreed to the true value of what it measures.


I conclude that electronic devices make it easier for the students to understand even further about electronics. Such instruments were very useful in the basic study regarding the course, and in expanding my knowledge about these devices. I learned that the resistors can be classified as fixed and varying which are respectively adjustable and non-adjustable. The capacitors have only one charge beginning with the positive half cycle and ending with the negative or vice-versa. I also learned the features that can be done by the function generator and the oscilloscopes. Every controls on the scope are essential un displaying the desired signal on the monitor but the most important of them is the trigger knob.

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