Falser Words Were Never Spoken

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  • Published : December 20, 2011
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In today’s society every individual tries their best to grasp the attention of others by switching or twisting the words of others in just a wink of an eye. According to Brian Morton: “They are shiny from their makeover, they are fabulous and gorgeous, and they want us to know that we can have it all” (2). The author’s idea coincides with my thesis. I believe that people broadcast information that is soothing to the ears of an individual to persuade them by not disclosing the entire truth. For instance, an advertisement would introduce a product to us by telling us about all the positive effects, however when you use a product it may cause some sort of side effect in the end that they never told you. This statement made by the author: “Shorn of the complexities, their politics, their grasp of sheer arduousness of change, they stand before us” (2) is true because there are many things which are visible to us or present themselves to us but we are not alert and focused enough to see them. In fact, we are blinded and caught up with what people have to say rather than reading, analyzing or researching on our own to find out the truth behind them. For example, Republicans usually say that the rich pays too much in taxes already which are false. We all know that most Americans who are not rich pay most of the taxes in the United States of America. However, Republicans are constantly saying that the rich people are the ones who are paying much more taxes. As time goes by, we are seeing how the words from significant leaders are being twisted by people with an agenda. This should not be because the point an individual is trying to make is taken away by just switching some words. For instance, “Our deepest fear,” the passage goes on, “is not that we are inadequate……” (2) Those words belonged to a self-help guru, Marianne Williamson; however it is credited by Nelson Mandela. In conclusion, when...
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