False Papers

Topics: Poetry, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 6 (2290 words) Published: March 30, 2013
People say that their memories are the most precious things they posses. One may say that memories are “Every man's memory is his private literature”. - Aldous Huxley. We can say that this can be shown in the works of Andre Aciman in False Papers (Square Lamartine) by and Carol Ann Duffy in Nostalgia. Both authors show attitudes and feelings of nostalgia but have incorporated these feelings in different perspectives and attitudes of what nostalgia is. The question that will be discussed in this presentation are: how do both authors Andre Aciman and Carol Ann Duffy in Nostalgia and Square Lamartine use literary devices to portray their feeling of nostalgic feeling? Andre Aciman writes about his past memories from Egypt where he imagines himself reliving his childhood. He links his travels through his past through the different instances and occurrences that have taken place in his past. He links Nostalgia with the linked essays that ponder on the experiences of loss, moving from the forced departure from Alexandria as a teenager and the brief stay in Europe. He himself quotes that his nostalgia is beautiful because “Most people are convinced I love Alexandria. In truth, I love remembering Alexandria, for it is not Alexandria that is beautiful. Remembering is beautiful” – Andre Aciman Carol Ann Duffy writes about the romantic view of the past and childhood, where one hopes for the past, by being too prized. She takes nostalgia in a different direction where it sets up a kind of barriers where the poem takes different tracks in writing about relation of the past and the origins of the feelings which draws one back to the past. Body 1

Carol Ann Duffy in Nostalgia talks about how the feelings of romantic view of the past childhood and where ones hope for the past are expressed. In nostalgia she mentions the “early mercenaries” where the poem first imagines the first feelings of nostalgia: the origins of the feelings preceding the word. Even if emotions have origins, that are even if they don’t always exist, they only seem to some extent more arbitrary, more questionable then they have been so. The idea opens up the possibility of consideration, judgment, of the particular emotion. The usage of “Early” establishes the origin of the emotion. The “mercenaries” is a little more complex in the sense that why would someone or anyone leave their home? In this case they are leaving home for money. The word suggest a kind of moral judgment where mercenaries fight for no other reason that money; values, etc, are not an issue for them. Nostalgia is first described as a sickness. This seems both a kind of punishment for the ‘mercenaries’ leaving home – but also a kind of reduction of the general ‘romantic’ aura of nostalgia, its description as a sensitive delicate feeling. The usage of the word ‘wrong’ repeated over and over gives the sense of why there were not used to and what the mercenaries didn’t expect, what was not suited to them, or morally or esthetically wrong, bad in itself. The word ‘wrong’ blurs across al the different shades of meaning, although on it all depends on what your perceive to be the ‘moral’ of the poem. Every detail that they mercenaries felt is wrong; this is emphasized with the repetition of the word and the list of different qualities. Adding to this the emphasized wrongness is the one return: money. It sounds every cold and inadequate place against the list of all that is wrong. The general idea of the first verse sounds critical – especially when it seems to be summed up by the final word of the long second sentence: ‘wrong’ summarizing judgment given emphasis by placing the word; a run on line, completed by this single word alone. It sounds at least temporarily conclusive a moral judgment.

In Square Lamartine by Andre Aciman, he uses repetition in making his point. He emphasizes his past feelings with how beautiful it is remembering the time he looked out of the window to remember the same sky,...
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