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False Claim to Win the Game

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False Claim to Win the Game

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“False Claims To Win The game”
Contemporary study on Marketers false advertisement to win the Customer preferences

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“False Claims To Win The game”
Contemporary study on Marketers false advertisement to win the customer preferences Abstract
The growing competitiveness amongst the big market players has leaded them to mislead their customers in the form of false advertising. This type of advertisement makes use of misleading statements that targeted customers easily fall prey to. Deceptive advertisements cheats the customers of quantity or quality, a customer might feel he made good deal but in real sense he might have paid a lot more money. Though in India the Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) has issued the code for self regulation in Advertising (Code of Conduct) but by seeing the recent cases it seems like that these so called big players enjoy breaking the rule and fooling the customers by false advertising. This paper is concerned about showing some recent examples of false advertisement made by top notch companies. This paper also discusses about the consequences of false advertisement on Customers and speaks about laws, rules and regulation to curb such ill practices. Key words: - False advertising, misleading statements, Deceptive advertisements, ASCI

Whether you are a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer or Clerk it doesn’t matters because this “advertisement” word has become a part of everyone’s life, Watch television, read newspaper, magazines or visit a shopping mall or mom and pop’s store be sure someone is invading in your personal life and renting a piece of space in...

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